Our Mission

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The Purpose of the Southington Historical Society is to inspire and empower people in order to make the past legacies of Southington and the surrounding areas of Plantsville, Marion and Milldale a meaningful and remembered part of their contemporary lives.

The audience served by the Society’s programs includes residents, school and college students and visitors to the community, businesses and governmental agencies in the area, members of the Society, scholars of the history and pre-history of the community, scholars of American history, art historians and the general public.

The Society has the mission to  (1) to collect and preserve artifacts, objects, publications, photographs and other documentary materials related to local, ethnic and family history (2) to disseminate information about the history of the community through exhibits, educational programs and publications based on the Society’s collections; (3) to maintain a research library of past and current literature on the history of the community; and (4) to encourage the preservation of the archeological, historical, and architectural heritage of Southington and its surrounding areas.