SHS Committees

Program Committee – Walter Grover, Chairperson

This committee proposes and presents various programs and exhibits in keeping with the goals of the Society.  This committee draws upon membership and appropriate topic experts outside the Society to assist in the development of these programs and exhibits.

House Committee – Philip Wooding, Chairperson

This committee has general supervision of the collections and rooms of the Society as well as the use and arrangement of its contents.  IT is responsible for keeping the schedule of exhibits.  It also has the responsibility to recommend to the Board the acceptance or rejection of gifts or loans of articles, including all relics, memorials, antiques, or curios, to be preserved in the care of the Society.  The committee shall ascertain as far as possible to the authenticity and history of all such articles and shall make recommendations to the Board for the preservation and protection of the artifacts.

Marketing Committee – Art Secondo, Chairperson

The marketing committee is responsible for our annual membership drive, our quarterly newsletter and providing advertising for our events and programs.  This committee will also send out membership renewals and keep an updated membership list.

IT Committee – Kathy Stalter, Chairperson

The IT Committee  meets as necessary to maintain IT hardware and software and to recommend appropriate upgrades.  IT also maintains the Society’s internet presence, including the website, facebook, etc.

Schoolhouse Committee – Kathy Conway and Amy McPartland, Co-Chairpersons

The Schoolhouse Committee is responsible for making recommendations to the Board as to the maintenance, preservation and security of the schoolhouses, grounds and their contents.

Fundraising Committee – Carl Hotkowski, Chairperson

The Fundraising Committee has the mission of creating ideas to raise funds for the Society.  This committee draws upon the Members and the community for volunteers to assist.