Southington History

HISTORY DETECTIVES: Creating a new generation of history lovers.

By Kathleen Conway.  The Historical Society has partnered with the Southington Public Schools to foster the infusion of local history into the Social Studies Curricula in grades K-12. For 2016-17 year we have been working with the 8th grade in both Kennedy and DePaolo schools.

The program has two components. The first is working directly with teachers in developing lessons that center on Southington during a certain period of history. The Society provides information, maps and pictures that will enable teachers to develop lessons that show our local participation in historic events.

This year the students looked at the American Revolution, Industrial Revolution and Civil War.  With the transition beginning in the schools that will result in US History in grades 7-9, we will continue to develop units from WWI to the present.

    The second component involves members of the Society visiting classrooms. In June, the 8th graders were introduced to the historical importance of photographs. Using photos from the Society’s vast collection, students researched the pictures and designed posters to ask the community to help identify people, events and dates.  These posters will be displayed around town. Students were very enthusiastic and did a great job!!


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